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About Us
Established 2012 - We are YOUR full service Metaphysical store north of Salt Lake City.  We have over forty years of combined experience in Metaphysics, Meditation, and Holistic Life Counseling. Our company is formed from a desire to share the wonderful journey into the Metaphysical, Magick, and Pagan world and help others enrich their lives.


Jessi Lucero, Owner

Jessi Lucero has studied Metaphysics for 14 years. Her path has led her to in-depth studies of divination, Magick, and has culminated in a Master's Degree in Metaphysical Sciences from the University of Metaphysics. Jessi's passion to help others led to her opening The Hidden Sage with her husband 9 years ago, and then to form the Golden Flame Institute that puts on SpiritCon with other like-minded people.

Dr. Doug Lucero, Owner

Dr. Doug Lucero may seem reserved when you first meet him, but start asking him questions and he will show you he is overflowing with knowledge ready to be shared. He has studied, practiced, and taught martial arts and metaphysics for over 47 years. With his Doctorate in Holistic Life Counseling, he is here to help you through life's difficulties with a truly unique approach to Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual well being. 

Hope Thompson, Manager

Hope is an enigmatic gargoyle frequently seen guarding her favorite roosts. She is our "Magickal Encyclopedia" with extensive knowledge of almost every form of divination, many Pagan traditions, magical practices, spirits, and, her favorite, crystals. She has been studying and practicing for over two decades and is an avid reader. A woman of many talents and passions, especially the weird and creepy, she is always doing something for the community and is frequently sought out for her knowledge and advice

Thomas Kepler, Staff

Thomas has been studying meditation for over three years and has been a student of Sifu Doug Lucero for 2 years, studying Kung Fu, Qigong, philosophy, and metaphysics. He started with us as an intern in July 2020, and has since developed a general knowledge and understanding of both the spiritual and Pagan world. He is most passionate about understanding the True Nature of One’s Self and helping others along their meditation journey. 

Due to our extensive training and deep passion for Metaphysics and Holistic living, we provide a one of a kind in-depth customer service through detailed product knowledge and our desire to share our knowledge with others. 

1661 N. Main St.
Sunset, UT 84015

We are open for business!

1. Customers are encouraged to wear face-coverings while shopping.
2. 6-foot social distancing will be encouraged.
3. Customer sanitizer is provided for your safety.
4. Please only handle those items you intend to purchase.

Mon - Sat 11 am - 8 pm
Sunday 12 pm - 5 pm