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Pagan and Magick Classes

Classes Every Saturday from 3 pm - 5 pm


Classes in April

April 4th     Herbalicious Home Healing     Herbal home remedies are the original medicine. What are they? Can they still be used? How can I use them at home? Watch our free Live Video to find out more. This is a fun and broad topic that we will be shedding light on so that you can start making and using your own Home Remedies. Join us via Live Video.

April 11     Finding Connection in the Void     Feeling disjointed? Like up is down and down is up? Let's explore finding your path in the chaos. Grounding in a tornado. Personal truth and sense of self amongst misinformation and fear-mongering. Join us as we delve into this topic via Live Video.

April 18     Daily Self-care Practices     In this class, we will learn about ways to do small things to conquer the small daily energetic happenings to avoid needing more frequent healings and cleansings. Thatís not to say never need another healing or cleansing but find a happier place energetically for your day to day. Join us via Live Video.

April 25     Pantheon Overview     Who were the Celtic deities? Where does Norse come from? What is Hellenic? We will do a brief overview of geographic info, deity family trees, and some small insights into individual gods and goddesses. This is a massive topic and this class will crack the door open for you. Join us via Live Video.