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Calendar of Events

December 2018

Saturday     Dec. 1 & Dec. 15     11am    Golden Dawn     "What You Need To Know About The Golden Dawn” is an introductory course on the ancient order and its purposes. The Golden Dawn has been made famous by its famous alumni such as Bran Stoker, Aliester Crowley, William Butler   Yeast, Robert Felkin, Papus, among others.

Saturday     Dec. 8     4pm - 6pm     Beginner’s Tarot      Want to read Tarot and have zero experience? Know the basics, but need a deeper understanding? Pretty good, but have a few stumbling blocks? This is the class for you! Bring your deck and let’s dive into Tarot!

Wednesday     Dec. 12     6pm     
NOX OASIS O.T.O. Open Discussion and Q&A. 
Some of the topics that can be discussed are Ceremonial Magick, Mysticism, Qabalistic Tree of Life, Chakra Balancing, Pathworking, Yoga, Pranayama, Divination including Tarot, I Ching, & Scrying, Enochian, and Self Observation.

Saturday    Dec. 15     4pm - 6pm     Beginning Crystals   
Come play with crystals and learn about their meanings and uses including some great crystal recipes! We will go over shapes, meanings, hardness, and cleansing techniques.

Saturday     Dec. 15     5pm     OTO Mass     Public Celebration of Liber XV: The Gnostic Mass Celebrations of the Gnostic Mass are open to anyone who wishes to attend. The Gnostic mass is a beautiful ritual that celebrates the mysteries of Thelma. It is a magical rite that exemplifies the union of the individual soul with the absolute, culminating in a Eucharistic sacrament embodying Life and Joy.

Sunday     Dec. 16      4pm     Yule Celebration      Join us for the awakening of the Holly King. This is the Winter Solstice, the longest night of the year. Together we shall awaken the Sun and welcome in the New Year. We shall be doing a traditional Masquerade again and ask everyone to wear a Masquerade mask or domino mask. Those participating in Secret Odin will exchange gifts during this time. After the ritual, we will enjoy our usual feast and ask you to bring a dish to share with others. 

January 2019

Saturday     January 5     4pm - 6pm     Altar Design     We will explore traditional Neo Pagan altars, simplistic to complex layouts, materials, and more, as well as non-traditional layouts. We will discuss purchasing versus creating our altar items and how to discover what works best for you. 

Saturday    January 12     4pm - 6pm     Incense Making     Bring your own Mortar and Pestle and make a small batch of incense for FREE. While we mash and grind, Jessi will go over various methods of forming your own incense recipes, dos and do nots, as well as suggestions for successful incense making.