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Calendar of Events

Pagan and Magick Classes

Classes Every Saturday from 3 pm - 5 pm

All classes are free to attend unless otherwise posted.


Classes in July

July 10 Divination Basics
Divination is the study of the divine. In this class we will go over various types of divination including Tarot, Oracle, Pendulum, Bones, and more. If you have been curious about Divination but don't know what style interests you, come experience some types first hand for a better idea. This class is FREE to attend!

 July 17   Intro to TRE (Trauma Release Exercises)    
Presenting special guest Liisa Karasek - Lisa Karasek, TRE® Certified Facilitator and Healing Arts Practitioner - shows an innovative way to release tension and stress from your body through Tension Releasing Exercises. Our personal energy vibrates at the molecular level always reacts to our environment and life experiences. Negative influences in your life ultimately brings about illness or malfunction of the body. When there is trauma, tension, or stress, you are creating charged energy, which becomes stored in your tissues. By not releasing those charges, your connection to your universal life can become blocked or out of balance. TRE® is a practice that releases patterns of stress, tension, and trauma - physically and energetically. When we release negative energy, we raise our vibration, and we feel better.
The most common benefits from TRE®:
- decreased anxiety, the release of chronic tension
- the discharge of emotional and physical trauma
- improved sleep, mood, and digestion
- decreased aches and pains
- improved flexibility
- a decrease in symptoms for sciatica, fibromyalgia, and other chronic conditions. This class is FREE to attend!

July 24 Elemental Chi Kung
Master Doug Lucero teaches this wonderful ancient healing art. You will learn not only the beginning physical movements of Chi Kung, but also the philosophy, meditations, background, and foundations to make your practice a wonderful experience! This class is FREE to attend!

July 31     Tarot Basics     
Want to read Tarot and have zero experience? Know the basics, but need a deeper understanding? Pretty good, but have a few stumbling blocks? This is the class for you! Bring your deck and letís dive into Tarot! This class is FREE to attend!

Other Happenings

Pagan Sociable     Every Tuesday @ 6 PM     Come join Pagans and Witches of all paths and experience levels for a friendly open discussion with coffee. This is a wonderful way for newcomers to find out more about different types of paths. 

SpiritCon     Sept. 11 & 12, 2021     Come and join us at our booth at SpiritCon at the Davis Conference Center in Layton, Utah. Check out the information at