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Calendar of Events

Pagan and Magick Classes

Classes Every Saturday from 3 pm - 5 pm

(Free and open to the public (unless otherwise posted)

Classes in August

August 17     Fire Cupping     Join Master Womble as he explains some of the mysteries behind an ancient Chinese secret. Fire Cupping has been around for thousands of years. Is it therapeutic? Is it magic? Does it work? Just a few of the questions that we will work with. After this class, there will be opportunities to experience Fire Cupping for a small donation to the Golden Flame Institute.

August 24     Discover Meditation     What is meditation? How do I meditate? This class is will cover everything meditation is, and is not, and how to meditate. We will do several meditations after we cover the basics. This class is $30 for the two hours, taught by Dr. Doug Lucero.

August 31     How to Start (A Pagan, Spiritual, Witchy Life)   This is a class to learn a little about a lot. We will touch on uses and methods of crystals, herbs, and oils, briefly touch on pantheons, gods, goddesses, altars, spells, and more. This is a class great for all beginners. 

Other Happenings

Guided Meditation Class     Every Friday at 6 pm     Come join Garrett as he guides you through meditations using breath, sound, and visualizations. Everyone welcome to attend, and donations are welcome but not required.

August 3     1 pm - 3 pm and     August 7     6 pm - 8 pm     Energetic Habits for Fighting Chronic Disease     Do you often feel that you could use an energy boost? Or suffer from brain fog, insomnia, chronic pain, bloating, muscle weakness, headaches? People believe this to be normal! Registered Nurse Brooke Benincosa teaches about the lymphatic system and its connection to chronic disease. Come learn meditation, breathing exercises, and gentle qigong movement to help increase your bodies healing capabilities. Learn how energy work and chronic disease are related. The fee for this class is only $30. Please pre-register at the store if you want to attend.

Lammas Ritual      Sunday August 4     4 pm      Lammas is the wheat harvest and first of the harvest rituals. Open to the public. Join us for a wonderful celebration and potluck. Since it is the wheat harvest, bread-based dishes are encouraged.

First Wednesday of Every Month     Witch and Stitch     Come sit, chat, and work on whatever craft you are currently doing. Sewing, your Book of Shadows, knitting, crocheting, and anything else. Some supplies to help will be available, but you will need to bring the base craft, meaning, I'll have glue, scissors, rulers, etc, you bring your paper, cloth, etc. This is a free event for chatting with new friends and old friends and weaving community.

Wednesday     August 14      6 pm     NOX OASIS O.T.O. Open Discussion and Q&A     Some of the topics that can be discussed are Ceremonial Magick, Mysticism, Qabalistic Tree of Life, Chakra Balancing, Pathworking, Yoga, Pranayama, Divination including Tarot, I Ching, & Scrying, Enochian, and Self Observation.

Saturday     August 17     6 pm     NOX OASIS O.T.O. Public Celebration of Liber XV: The Gnostic Mass     Celebrations of the Gnostic Mass are open to anyone who wishes to attend. The Gnostic mass is a beautiful ritual that celebrates the mysteries of Thelema. It is a magical rite that exemplifies the union of the individual soul with the absolute, culminating in a Eucharistic sacrament embodying Life and Joy.


Monday August 12 7 pm Leslie Hudson In Concert At The Hidden Sage Leslie performed at SpiritCon 2019. If you missed her performance there, or need to experience her again - she will be here at The Hidden Sage for a concert - Come early to meet & greet! Tickets are only $10 in advance or at the door...see you there!

Open Discussions
Join us as we explore the old religions, spirituality, metaphysics, crystals, herbs, divination, magick, and more!
Every Saturday from 12:00 PM - 2 PM
Everyone welcome to attend!