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Beginner Wicca/Pagan Class   2nd & 4th Monday from 6-8PM
If you have ever been interested in becoming or studying Wicca or Pagan beliefs, come check out our 
open, friendly, and free class! This class is taught mainly by Kara Slater.

Pagan Social 1st Monday from 6-8PM
This is for every flavor, type, and age of Pagan to come hang out together.

Salon Class 3rd Monday from 6-8PM
This is when we do a co-operative class and learn together on all sorts of topics, mainly divination. 
We have explored I Ching, Tea Leaf Readings, Poppets, Tarot, and many more.

None At This Time

Crystal Lyre Meditation Every Other Wednesday from 6:30-7:30
Rebecca Puffpaff sets up a crystal grid and then plays her amazing crystal lyre with calm nature music 
while everyone meditates. Requested $10 donation.

Beginner Metaphysics  6:30-7:30
Jessi teaches beginner Metaphysical topics such as crystals, herbs, oils, chakras, and many more. This 
is a free class, the only things you need to bring are pen and paper. 

Ninjitsu Class 6:30-7:30
Stan Slater teaches Ninjitsu Martial Arts for $10 per class.

None At This Time

Tai Chi 1-2PM
Ric Womble teaches and leads this moving meditation for only $10 per class. 

Call if you have any questions.