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Holistic Life Counseling & Spiritual Counseling

Ric Womble has a combined 30 years of unique skills, experience, and training. Ordained in his 20's, he has spent the last 15 years as a Holistic Life Minister. Ric has degrees in psychology, sociology, and women's studies, with emphasis on interpersonal relationships and human sexuality. His focus for the last decade is on life coaching, relationship coaching and sex therapy. Ricís expertise also includes the metaphysical arts, group facilitation, North American sub-cultures, and Taoist philosophy. Initial consultations are always free, and then a sliding scale for payment (not covered by insurance..yet).


If you are ready for a different approach; a bold, yet caring, compassionate, and understanding inward journey of your feelings, thoughts, and energies for a change toward a balanced life, call Ric for an appointment.