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Holistic Life Counseling & Spiritual Counseling

Dr. Doug Lucero has been providing counseling in one modality or another since 1980. Now his specialty is Holistic Life Counseling, in which he will guide you, and help you work through whatever path your life has taken. Working with you in Mind, Body, Spirit and your personal Nature, his is a no-nonsense communication with you to accomplish what you seek in life, overcoming the problems you had or still have, and guiding you on an inward path, to attain balance in all of the aspects of your life and relationships.


If you are ready for a different approach; a bold, yet caring, compassionate, and understanding inward journey of your feelings, thoughts, and energies for a change toward a balanced life, call Dr. Lucero for an appointment.

Private Sessions with Dr. Lucero     $60/hour (per person 1 - 5 individuals)     

Private sessions are available by appointment only.

Group rates available