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Meet Dr. Doug Lucero.  He has a Ph.D. in Holistic Life Counseling, and over 40 years experience of teaching meditation classes for beginners, intermediate level students, advanced and experienced practitioners. Dr. Lucero is a Master of the Shen Fa Kung Fu system
(The Way of the Spirit), and the Silver Dragon Kung Fu system. He has taught meditation classes and martial arts in Utah since 1974.

Dr. Lucero has been certified through
all 3 of the following organizations:

Dr. Lucero teaches techniques in these types of meditation classes:

Mindfulness Meditation
Focus/Concentration Meditation         
Reflective Meditation
Creative/Visualization Meditation
Chakra Meditation
Breath Control Meditation


Guided meditation practice has been scientifically proven to:

Reduce stress

Lower hypertension (the cause of numerous illnesses)
Increase calmness and relaxation

Produce a positive attitude within yourself

Produce a positive attitude working with others

Increase focus and concentration

Discover Meditation Class     $30

One session that includes:

          Basic introductory session with guided meditation. Learn what meditation is...and isn't.

          Gain the basic foundation behind every modality of meditation, no matter what your path may be.

          Session of completely guided meditation to get comfortable with the meditation process and begin your new         journey! 

                                                       CALL OR VISIT THE STORE TO SCHEDULE CLASS!

Private Sessions with Dr. Lucero     $60/hour (per person 1 - 5 individuals)

                                                                        Private sessions by appointment only.

                                                                           Group rates available

Ask about a fun and relaxing experience
for your organization:

Group Meditation Classes
Training Sessions
Contact Dr. Lucero at [email protected]
The Hidden Sage (801) 773-(SAGE)