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Readings, (Tarot, Psychic, Medium) & Healers

We have a reader and/or a healer in the store almost every day! They are here to assist you on your journey, help heal your spiritual needs, and guide you along your path.


Sundays 12-5     Kara has been able to see and talk to spirits all of her life and in the last decade has added Tarot to her skills, able to read most any Tarot or Oracle deck. She is also a very strong Intuitive reader.

Wednesdays after 5 PM     Hope is an enigmatic gargoyle frequently seen guarding her favorite roosts. A woman of many talents and passions, especially the weird and creepy, she is always doing something for the community. She has been studying and practicing for over two decades and is an avid reader. Hope reads Palms, Tarot, Runes, and various other Scrying techniques to make your visit with her informative and fun! She is available on Wednesdays after 5 pm. Prices vary depending on the the type of reading you prefer.

Saturday's     Rae Lowe uses a combination of tarot and oracle decks, and also utilizes crystals and herbs in her practice. Also, her love for animals has allowed her to develop medium abilities to communicate with animals who have passed or are in need of assistance. At $1 per minute, you do not want to miss her amazing readings.


Fire Cupping     Fire cupping is an ancient practice of the Chinese, Egyptians, and other cultures. You have got to try this amazing ancient healing method. Fire Cupping is by appointment only.  $30-30 minute 4 cup session. 

The Crystal Toner with Thomas Kepler     This is a system of sound vibrational therapy using inverted crystal bowls focused over specific points in the vertebrae. Only $45 for a 40-minute session, or $80 for a full session (1 1/2 hours)! You have GOT to try this amazing sound therapy! This amazing sound therapy is available on Saturday and Wednesday evenings. Please call to make an appointment as times fill up quickly.